Azerbaijan opens air space for airlines

From the very beginning of 2020, Azerbaijan will be implementing 5th and 7th level of freedoms on its air space and airports. Freedoms of the air is a set of commercial aviation rights granting a country’s airline(s) the privilege of entering and landing in another country’s airspace.

Such levels of freedom allow foreign airlines to perform flights from their airport to other cities with stopovers in any international airport of Azerbaijan for boarding/disembarking of passengers. For example, European carriers will be able to fly from London to Beijing and Chinese carriers will be able to fly in the opposite route with a stopover in Azerbaijan. Currently, there are six airports with international status in Azerbaijan. Besides the Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku, airports of Nakhchivan, Ganja, Gabala, Lankaran and Zagatala are suited to meet all due operational and safety requirements.

Moreover, air carriers will be able to fly between Azerbaijan and foreign countries, bypassing the intermediate landing at the home airport. In addition to the above regulations change new airlines willing to start flying to Azerbaijan will receive a 100% discount on the airports’ services in the first year; discount to airport services will be diluted to 70%, 50%, and 30% in the following years accordingly. The implementation period and discount rates are to be extended, if the airline increases number of flights and passenger traffic.

The airlines will be given the right to carry out free commercial activity in all directions, including Azerbaijan with the same rights as the National air carrier. Previously permissions to perform such flights in Azerbaijan were granted to airlines individually.

Subject change will become effective for all airlines from 1st of January 2020 covering 40 countries in Europe, North America, Australia and South-East Asia. These countries are France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, Ireland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Bulgaria, Georgia, USA, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, South Korea, Malaysia and Australia without any restrictions. The list of states may be expanded in future.

Of course, this is a good news for foreign travelers who wish to visit Azerbaijan, Caucasus, explore further destinations and for the Azerbaijani nationals willing to travel abroad. Besides all, Baku is also a perfect location for a 1-day stop-over on your next journey from Copenhagen to India or possibly on your way back after a long vacation in Bangkok.

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