Are Baku taxi prices high?

Many foreigners still believe that Baku taxi prices are high. But are they? Is that a sad reality or wrong perception? What are the real prices and which Baku taxi services are often used by locals? What you need to know about taxi in Baku? We did some research and share the results with you. Stay tuned...

In recent years Azerbaijan became one of fast developing tourism destinations. Majority of tourists start their travel to Azerbaijan from Baku – the capital of the state. So, if you are planning a travel to Baku you need to know these things about taxi in Baku.

What are the real prices?

In reality, Baku taxi prices are really low. They are considered low even by locals. For example, the trip of 5-7 km. in the city, would cost you around 4-5 AZN (~3 USD). Or, if you want to take a taxi from Airport to city center, it will cost around 25-30 AZN (14-17 USD). Considering the comfort & speed, sometimes, for a group of 3-4 people, the taxi will be a better option than public transport. Yes, you read it right.

And don't think that the cheap price brings the low quality of service or old, noisy cars. The taxi park of Baku is mostly new, small engine cars. And the service levels also good. So the quality is not damaged with low prices.

Then where the perception of "expensive Baku taxi" came from?

Most of the countries, where majority of guests arrive from (EU, US, Russia, Turkey, Gulf states), have really high taxi fares. This forms a kind of prejudice in the minds. On the other hand, some taxi drivers in Baku, which used to bill the foreigners with skyrocket prices at the end of route, also added some "fuel" to this prejudice. In very rare cases, you still can be a victim of misconduct by some drivers.

Remember these things!

  • Try to pre-order taxi with mobile app or by calling the service company. If you simply catch taxi on the road, you should expect some unexpected prices;

  • Even if you, for some reason, have to catch taxi directly from street, make sure you agree the price with driver, before you sit into the car. Some drivers may tell you not to worry or that you can agree the price on arrival. But, don't get convinced and agree the price beforehand;

  • Taxi, which you catch on the go, from road, will be cheaper than the one which is simply parked on road side. That is the rule which never changed (this case is not applicable for pre-order taxi)

  • Prices of taxi ride can be slightly higher during rush hours, and especially if you ordered a taxi to/from sub-urban.

Baku taxi services often prefered by locals

Ok, let's say you are already in Baku and want to order a taxi. Which one to chose? We did some research on Baku taxi companies. Compared their prices, availability, service quality, methods of service and etc. We chose the ones, which are often used by locals and receive more positive feedback.

189 TAXI

This is the 1st local company providing taxi services in Baku. Has mobile application with accurate navigator. You can also dial *189 and order a taxi. Prices slightly higher than average. However, company often receives positive feedback from locals for it's service quality. You can pay cash to driver or by credit card from mobile app. (web:


Well known international company operating in Baku. To call an Uber taxi you need to use mobile app. Prices are average. Availability of vehicles is high in city center, but in sub-urban areas you may have to wait a bit to find one. It is better to pay in cash to driver, upon arrival. Because, for card payment you will be taxed extra 18%, a "tax on purchasing services from a foreign company". (web:


Another international player, providing taxi services in Baku. Also uses mobile mobile app to record your orders. Prices are average to low. Availability in city center and sub-urban is relatively better than of Uber's. Payment issue is the same with Uber (read above). Better to pay cash when taxi arrives. (web:


Local taxi company with one of the lowest prices in the market. Has mobile app for Android. You can also dial *9933 to order a taxi. Availability of cars within Baku as well as in sub-urban is quite good. There were some critics about the service quality. But the availability of cars almost anywhere and very low prices are good pros for this option.

(FB page:


Local taxi company with park of "London taxi"s at your service. These cars with large compartment can carry up to 5-6 passengers and cases. The taxi app is currently under development. You need to dial *1848 and make your order. Prices are average to low. By the way, it is the only licensed company which is allowed to pick arriving passengers at Haydar Aliyev Airport, Baku (GYD). (FB page:


I tried to remove the mist of mystery on Baku taxi services and prices. Anyone traveling to Baku now can see that the prices are much lower than they have expected. I expect this to lots of people the freedom of movement. But please remember that Baku has lots of nice places to walk and to see. So, my advise: instead of having often rides on taxi, try to walk a lot, and see a lot.

I wish this article was useful for you. Your feedback will be priceless to me. Have you been in Baku? Did you have experience of ride on a taxi in Baku? Share your experiences with us and other travelers.

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