Hiking: Mountain villages of Guba

On those beautiful days, when people were free to travel around, I had a good chance to join a hiking tour. Actually, this was my 1st time attending a mountain hiking. Even the mountain hiking came out to be much harder than I expected, I returned home full of excitement and life long memories.

The route was from Galaykhudat village to Griz village of Guba region, Azerbaijan. The length of the track was 12 km. However, for me it felt like we traveled 200 km. Elevations, steep hills, less oxygen levels made the passage hard. Also, my lack of experience put its own extra pair of coins. Extra clothing that I had, too warm wearing, not correct way of walking... All of these can make you tired.

And at one moment you ask yourself, "What the hell am I doing here?!". You turn back and understand that you have to move, because you are in between of 2 villages, and there is no place to go, except from following the team to destination village. Additional respect to those people who constantly have to move on mountain tracks.

But trust me, even with all these difficulties for a beginner, at the end of the day, you will feel much better and will be glad that you joined that tour. In addition to psychological wellbeing, mountain hiking helps to improve your physical health a lot. You feel awake, move fast and many more. Of course, it would be extra to mention about loss of calories.

By the way, the tour was designed by friend of ours, "Mountain Host Azerbaijan" team, managed by a very nice person and good professional, Mursal Gasimov (in photo below).

So, here are pictures, which will give some glance about those beauties which I was lucky to see. Of course, all these images are a small drop in the ocean of expressions and feelings, which you experience during the trip.

Just try it - of course when all this rush about COVID19 ends (hope so!).


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